Bellingham waterfront wind gear is first step to wind power | The Bellingham Herald

Wind instruments were installed Thursday, Jan. 7, on the Bellingham waterfront to gauge the feasibility of installing power-generating turbines on the site. The $8,000 project is a partnership of the Port of Bellingham, Bellingham Technical College and Western Washington University. The 160-foot tower that holds the instruments was installed by a crew from Wear Construction of Snohomish. It's in an area off Laurel Street that was formerly home to the Georgia-Pacific Corp. pulp and paper mill. Adam Fulton, a port project engineer, said the tower holds six wind-speed gauges, or anemometers, at varying heights. For the next 18 months, the gauges will gather data that will help determine if some kind of wind-power generating equipment would be economically feasible.