Getting to know Teri Hall

Hall. Photo by Caroline Lee | Communications and Marketing intern

Caroline Lee
Communications and Marketing intern

Title: Program coordinator for the WWU theatre and dance department

What do you love most about your department? “The drama. Well, no, not really. Truthfully, I love the creativity and the students are so enthusiastic about the curriculum offered.”

Years at Western: First year at Western. Previously worked at Whatcom Community College.

Originally from: Washington state

Other job: When she is not at the office working with students, she is a novelist. She has written seven books total, including “The Line” (Dial, 2010) and “Away” (Dial, 2012).

Favorite Quote: “You can’t live well by a single quote.”

Favorite Bellingham location: My house, with friends.

Most memorable vacation: “A recent weekend on San Juan where I enjoyed wonderful friends, a tranquil forest, a camel, ravens and wine.”

Favorite WWU memory: “Still to come, I hope.”

Currently reading/watching: Rereading “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro and watching “The Walking Dead.”

Projects currently working on: “I just wrote a new novel called ‘New Zapata,’ after watching way too much election coverage and getting a bit peeved. It’s set 40 years from now (40 years ago was Roe vs. Wade), Texas has seceded (again), and divorce, birth control and abortion are illegal. It’s on Amazon in paperback and Kindle and on B&N in Nook format. I’m getting some interesting hate mail.”

Awards/recognitions: “‘The Line’ was chosen as an IRA/CBC Children’s Choice and has been taught in college, high school and middle school classes nationwide. I love doing classroom visits and having the ‘what would you do’ discussions we inevitably have.”