Leanna Bowman

New names added to Western Way wall

Thibou. Photo by Rhys Logan / WWU

Demorest Photo by Rhys Logan / WWU

Pham. Photo by Rhys Logan / WWU

Bowman. Photo by Rhys Logan / WWU

Date. Photo by Rhys Logan / WWU

Western Today staff

Shevell Thibou, Hoa Pham, Denny Demorest, Leanna Bowman and Andrea Date are among the latest Western Washington University employees to be recognized via the Western Way recognition program, begun winter quarter.

The program aims to recognize Western employees for their hard work on campus and to give their co-workers an opportunity to praise their efforts.

Service-Learning courses now easily identifiable in Classfinder

Western Today staff

Faculty who include service or community-based learning in their courses now have the ability to identify these courses as service-learning in Classfinder.