Leo Bodensteiner

Soap Lake's healing waters studied more closely

Columbia Basin Herald
A longtime resident is one step closer to solving the mystery of Soap Lake. John Glassco's life mission has been to preserve and research the healing waters of Soap Lake. The Soap Lake Conservancy Board chairman recently passed along the only water samples taken from the lake before irrigation water diluted it to researchers. They hope to measure the mineral levels and find out what made it a mecca for those seeking relief from pain and inflammation.

Names of faculty attending commencement announced

Western Today staff

The following faculty members should have received a memo from Jana Schueler of the Registrar's Office confirming their attendance at fall commencement, set for Dec. 15:

Leo Bodensteiner gets National Park Service grant to study alpine lake ecosystems

Western Today staff

Western Washington University professor Leo Bodensteiner has received a $42,744 grant to study aquatic alpine ecosystems in the North Cascades National Park complex.

Lessons on the Riverbank

Associate Professor Leo Bodensteiner, right, helps fly-fishing student Carolyn Kinkade prepare her line.

Mary Lane Gallagher

Her feet planted in sodden feltsoled boots, Rosie Cullinane sweeps her fishing rod over her head, orange line arcing above the creek rushing high and loud with snowmelt.

Cullinane won’t be graded on whether she catches a fish on today’s field trip with her class, “The Art, Science and Ethics of Flyfishing,” but she is eager to see if the casting techniques she learned on the lawn in front of Old Main will tempt a rainbow trout onto her hook.