Tim Pilgrim

Whatcom Poet: Tim Pilgrim

The Bellingham Herald
Poet: Born in Montana, Tim Pilgrim is an associate professor of journalism at Western Washington University, with college degrees in education, English and communications. Poetry then: "I've been writing poetry since sixth grade in Dillon, Mont. Published 'The woods near our home' in my class booklet. I kept on writing."

In memoriam: Pete Steffens, 1924 - 2012

Pete Steffens, journalism professor emeritus at Western Washington University, speaks to a group of historians in England. Photo by Valerie Alia

Pete Steffens and Valerie Alia. Photo from Pete Steffens' Facebook page

Pete Steffens in front of the Humanities Building on the WWU campus. Photo courtesy of WWU University Archives and Records Center

Pete Steffens with his first wife, Ella, at Berkeley. Photo courtesy of Sivan Steffens

Pete Steffens and his second wife, Valerie Alia, at the Bellingham marina. Photo courtesy of Ted Stannard

Pete Steffens at The Western Front's annual picnic in 1976. Photo courtesy of Ted Stannard

Pete Steffens, at left, with (back row, left to right) daughter Daneet, wife Ella and daughter Sivan. Seated are the Oscar-winning Hollywood screenwriter Donald Ogden Stewart, Steffens' stepfather, and Steffens' mother, Ella Winter, in London in 1979. Photo courtesy of Sivan Steffens

Pete Steffens and his step-granddaughter, Mary Margaret. Photo courtesy of Valerie Alia

Pete Steffens, visible in the lower right corner, is shown covering for Time magazine a 1960 rally addressed by Nobel chemistry prizewinner and peace activist Dr. Linus Pauling. Photo courtesy of Robert Carl Cohen, with whom Steffens was friends for nearly 50 years. "I regret not having taken more photos of him," Cohen says.

Pete "Trust me, I'm a reporter" Steffens wearing one of his trademark funny T shirts. Photo courtesy of Sivan Steffens.

Pete Steffens, left, and Ted Stannard. The two helped co-found the journalism department at Western in 1976. Photo courtesy of Western associate journalism professor Tim Pilgrim

Pete Steffens in 2008. Photo courtesy of Western associate journalism professor Tim Pilgrim

Matthew Anderson
Western Today editor

Sivan Steffens remembers vividly the day she asked her dad about priorities. She was 10, maybe 11, and tucked into the dinner table with her sister, Daneet, and her parents Pete and Ella.

“Different people have different things that are most important to them,” her dad told her. “And they make their decisions in life, they organize their lives, around those important things.”

Sivan, beginning in her own life to feel the pressures of adolescence, of having eventually to make her own decisions, pressed for more.

What's on your 'bucket list'? Whatcom County residents share theirs

The Bellingham Herald
In the 2008 movie "The Bucket List," two terminally ill men set out to do the things they wanted to do before they died. Critics gave the movie a mixed reception, but audiences ate it up. Having Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as co-stars didn't hurt, but I wonder if the movie's success resulted from something more than mere star power.