'Your Western' wins N.O.W. film contest

'Your Western,' a film telling the story of Western through the eyes of students, faculty and alumni, too top honors in the 'My University, My Western' category of the N.O.W. film contest. The film was shot and edited by students Ryan Hasert and Chris Jespersen
Western Today staff

The film "Your Western," shot and edited by Western Washington University students Ryan Hasert and Chris Jespersen, took top honors in the "My University, My Western" category of the recent N.O.W. film contest at Western.

Winners were announced during a presentation given by Matthew Dunn, co-founder of Say It Visually!, on April 11.

The speech and the film contest were part of Western's "Digital Media: The Future is N.O.W." event.

The film contest also included an open category for a short film (three minutes or less) on any subject. The “My University, My Western” category challenged filmmakers to complete a project of three minutes or less in 101 hours detailing why Western is special to them. Cash prizes for the open category were $250 for the People’s Choice (voted on at the Matthew Dunn presentation) and $250 for the Judge’s Choice; cash prizes for the My University, My Western category were $750 for first place, $500 for second place and $250 for third place.

View all of the entries, including the other films named as contest winners, here: http://vimeo.com/user11028298/videos.

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